Sustainable printing: Reduce your business’s environmental impact

Printing has an outsized impact on your business’s carbon footprint. If you use a lot of paper, you may find it difficult to meet environmental standards and demonstrate your commitment to a greener future to customers. Fortunately, there are several sustainable printing technologies and best practices you can implement to not only make your organization more environmentally friendly but also reduce your printing costs.

Managed IT services and cybersecurity compliance: A comprehensive guide

To address the challenges of constantly evolving cyberattacks and increasingly stringent data security regulations, businesses in your and virtually every other industry are turning to managed IT services providers (MSPs). MSPs provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions and knowledgeable compliance guidance that are necessary but likely prohibitively expensive to achieve on your own.

Optimizing your workflow: A step-by-step guide

Efficient workflows are the lifeblood of any successful organization. They enhance productivity, improve the quality of work, and free up time for what really matters — innovation and growth. In a competitive market such as Southern California, optimizing your workflow isn't just beneficial: it's a strategic imperative.

How to reduce education print costs: A guide to print charging

Print charging, also known as a pay-to-print model, mitigates the costs of paper, ink, energy, and other necessary inputs required for printing while discouraging waste and abuse because the pay requirement discourages frivolous printing. However, the effectiveness and cost savings of a print charging model depend on how it is implemented and how it synergizes with your needs.

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