Cloud Computing Torrance

CDS helps your company harness the power of the cloud to boost productivity and security while cutting costs

Agility & Scalability, Simplified Cloud Computing in Los Angeles

Cloud Computing from CDS lets your software run as subscriptions, on off-site machines that you connect to over any internet connection. This allows you and your employees to work together from any location and on any device. Moving to the cloud boosts communication, enhances customer relations, and improves your Los Angeles business processes.

Some of the many benefits of CDS Cloud Computing

Your specific computing and communication goals and budgets can be easily met.

You pay for the IT you need when you need it, without having to own the hardware and licenses.

We manage the cloud infrastructure that hosts your software subscriptions and data, so we handle the updates, patches, security, and maintenance.

Your IT resources and data are in a high-security data center, protected from both physical and online threats.

Cloud migration can be an intimidating and a complex endeavor. Download our eBook,Get Ready to Take Flight: How Your Business Can Achieve a Successful Cloud Migration to learn best practices and get started on the right foot.GET YOUR FREE COPY HERE!
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