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Eliminate Bottlenecks and Work Smarter

Businesses all over the world deal with endless paperwork ranging from contracts and invoices to business plans, marketing brochures, and much more. Organizing these documents while making them easy to find and access is a really tedious and challenging ordeal but your company will be less productive if you don’t get this right.

You don’t have to spend hours organizing and managing all your files and folders when the latest document management and business process software makes the entire process more efficient. CDS can help you unlock the power of these tools and improve your productivity with our Workflow Solutions in Los Angeles.

Our team will help you automate your workflow by implementing the latest workflow software and providing assistance in digitizing documents efficiently. Our solutions will ensure your team can access their information quickly and easily, making your operations more productive while providing a layer of security to keep your data safe from external threats.

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Benefits of CDS’s Workflow

  • Simple integration with your existing applications and processes
  • Decreased wastage for increased ROI
  • Fast document transfers to email, fax, printers, and archives
  • Document tracking to prevent unauthorized access
  • Better compliance with security and privacy requirements

Complete Document Solutions will boost your workplace
productivity with these innovative solutions

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uniFLOW One is a cloud-based/on-premise/hybrid solution, which CDS will set up to meet your needs and budget. For a flat fee, you can use our uniFLOW Online cloud-based printing service as well as other secure printing and authentication features.

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UniFLOW Online

UniFLOW Online is a cloud-based service that gives employees the power to seamlessly print and scan documents from any location. This print and scan infrastructure is flexible, secure, and versatile.

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UniFLOW Online Express

This easy-to-configure, cloud-based solution is equipped with access control, cloud scanning capabilities and cost tracking.

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Store, manage, and process your vital business information efficiently using Therefore™’s secure IT management software.


Workflow Solutions can range from software and platforms to apps and networks. They are designed to minimize bottlenecks in information and document management and increase productivity.
Workflow Solutions are customizable solutions and they are available at different price points. At CDS, we believe that every business can benefit from the right solutions, so all you have to do is contact us and we’ll advise you on how you can improve your workflow within your budget.
In a competitive business environment like Los Angeles, every competitive edge makes a huge difference. By boosting your productivity through efficient workflow, you’ll be able to serve your customers better and faster than businesses without these tools.
Yes, we offer 24/7 remote and on-site IT Support services to all our clients. Whether you are using our Workflow Solutions, Managed IT Services, or any other services, contact us to learn how we can provide responsive IT Support for your business.
Yes, we can! As an IT company and managed services provider, we have long-standing relationships with best-in-class IT vendors. We leverage these relationships to give our clients access to the best products and services in business technology.

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