Production Printers

Need large volumes of professional-level prints? Check out our selection of production printers.

Maximum Quality at Maximum Speed

Many companies and organizations need to produce large volumes of high-quality documents at the fastest possible speeds. For these clients, CDS has a selection of first-rate production printers. These devices allow you to quickly print professional-level documents such as annual company reports, official announcements, and newsletters. They are also the most cost-effective way to produce large volumes of promotional material like brochures, flyers, and pamphlets.


For CDS’s Production Printers:


Hundreds of pages per minute and millions of pages per month


Sharp, vivid images and crisp text with reliable consistency


Lower utility overheads and reduced environmental impact


Select models offer scanning to email, fax, and more


Functionality to make print jobs easier, including:

  • Job queues
  • Print jobs archive
  • Standard and customizable workflows
  • Coloring, editing, and management

Elevate your digital print game with Canon’s imagePRESS V1350!

Our cutting-edge technology empowers businesses to expand their digital print offerings and exceed client expectations. The imagePRESS V1350 combines outstanding print quality, versatility, and unmatched productivity, ensuring customers can meet demanding deadlines and deliver stunning results. With its advanced automation features, businesses can streamline their workflows, reduce operational costs, and boost their competitive edge in the digital print market. It’s time to unlock new possibilities and better serve your clients by choosing Canon’s imagePRESS V1350 – the ultimate solution for growing your digital print business. Watch this video to learn more about how Canon technologies are aiding customers in expanding their digital print services while enhancing their client service capabilities.

Choice Marketing is using the imagePRESS V1350 to provide faster turnaround times, wider range of medias, precise registration, and color management to their customers. Choice Marketing focuses mainly on trading cards, which means that registration, color accuracy and repeatability are extremely important to their customers. Learn more about how Choice Marketing is leveraging the imagePRESS V1350 in their shop.