Data Backup and Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery services ideal for SMBs needing to protect their information while keeping costs low

Protect Your Data and Your Business

Your company’s data is the key to your livelihood. If or when a natural or other disaster occurs, you can lose vital information. This can lead to lost revenue, lost customer trust, and even end your business altogether. In spite of the urgent need for securing data, many SMBs don’t have a reliable backup system in place. That’s where CDS comes in. We offer a powerful solution for your data security:


Our powerful, cost-effective backup system for all of your company’s data. Your information is automatically saved to our off-site backup locations, protected from disasters, and restorable within minutes at any time.

  • Costs as low as $1 per GB
  • Supports almost any OS
  • Includes out-of-state data storage
  • Up to 448-bit encryption
  • 24/7 data availability
  • Redundant fail-safe servers

* In addition to our own StorageWatch Service, CDS offers support for every backup solution on the market today. Contact us today to learn more.

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