What does the Windows 8.1 end of support mean for your business?

On January 10, 2023, Windows 8.1 will reach its end of life — Microsoft will no longer provide the operating system (OS) with software updates, security patches, and technical support.
What are the dangers of using Windows 8.1 after its end of support?
Using the OS past its end of life will expose your business to the following issues:
1. System vulnerabilities
Without security updates and technical assistance, Windows 8.1 PCs become vulnerable to cyberattacks like distributed denial-of-service attacks, phishing, and malware, making them dangerous to use.

3 Things to do before upgrading to a new operating system

Operating systems (OS) like Windows and macOS normally have an end-of-support date. This is when software developers stop providing support and updates for their OS. For instance, Windows 10 will no longer receive technical support, software updates, and security patches after its OR when it reaches end of support on October 14, 2025.

Once an OS’s end-of-support date is announced, organizations must start planning to upgrade their systems to a newer OS like Windows 11. During this process, organizations need to do three things:

Check application compatibility
Application compatibility can become a problem when migrating to a newer OS. If your business apps aren’t compatible with the new system, you’ll encounter productivity and efficiency issues.

Windows 11: Everything your business needs to know

The Windows 10 operating system (OS) has enjoyed success since its launch in 2015, with over 1.3 billion devices currently running the OS. Building on Windows 10's success, Microsoft plans to release a new version of the OS called Windows 11. This news has raised many questions among current Microsoft users, so we’ve compiled everything there is to know about it in this blog.

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