Disaster recovery planning with managed IT services

Disaster recovery planning with managed IT services

A disaster hitting your business could render it inoperable or even spell the end of your operations. Implementing and maintaining a robust and detailed disaster recovery (DR) plan along with the required tools can prevent these outcomes, but these tasks can drain your resources if not done properly. Managed IT services ensure you can get a proper DR plan without the significant time and money sink.

Here, we will go over the role that managed IT services can play in your disaster recovery planning and how your business can benefit from the support they provide.

Disaster recovery and business continuity

Disaster recovery planning is the process of developing strategies, procedures, and protocols that ensure you can recover from severe disruptive events and resume critical operations, ideally with minimal downtime. These events can range from natural disasters like floods and earthquakes to cyberattacks, system failures, or critical human errors.

Without a robust DR plan in place, your business risks prolonged periods of downtime, loss of revenue, damage to your reputation, and even closure. Furthermore, if your response to the initial disaster is haphazard and slow, your business will be more vulnerable to future threats, compounding your problems.

How do managed IT services help with disaster recovery planning?

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) play a key role in optimizing all aspects of your IT infrastructure, and they also perform several tasks to develop an effective DR plan for your organization. 

Providing expertise and guidance

MSPs bring specialized expertise and experience in DR planning to the table. They are focused solely on IT, so they know industry best practices, regulatory requirements, and emerging threats. This enables them to develop tailored disaster recovery strategies that address your unique needs and challenges.

Performing risk assessment and analysis

A good MSP will conduct comprehensive risk assessments to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities that could impact your operations. By assessing your organization's IT infrastructure, data assets, critical applications, and dependencies, they can determine specific levels of risk and proactively develop strategies to mitigate them.

Delivering customized disaster recovery solutions

Based on the findings of their risk assessment, your MSP will design customized DR solutions that align with your objectives, budget, and risk allowances. These solutions typically include a combination of data backup and recovery tools, failover systems, and cloud-based storage to ensure rapid and efficient recovery in the event of a disaster.

Proactively monitoring and maintaining systems

MSPs will continuously monitor and maintain your disaster recovery systems to ensure optimal performance and readiness. And, since it’s certified professionals doing the monitoring, they can detect potential issues, identify bottlenecks, and proactively address them before they crop up when you least want them to.

Carrying out regular testing and evaluation

Regular testing and evaluation of your disaster recovery plan ensures they remain effective and up to date. They simulate various disaster scenarios, such as system failures, cyberattacks, or natural disasters, to assess your organization's preparedness and identify areas for improvement. MSPs will carry out this testing on your request or at prescheduled intervals.

Providing training and education

Your DR plan is useless if the people involved don’t know what to do. That’s why an MSP will educate your employees on the DR procedures, protocols, and best practices. They’ll also ensure that your employees understand their roles in your company’s DR plan so that when the time comes, they can execute it swiftly and effectively.

The extent to which managed IT services strengthens your disaster recovery planning depends on the quality of those services and the capabilities of your MSP. If your business is in need of an ironclad DR plan managed by experts, contact Complete Document Solutions today. We’ve been ensuring the security and survival of Torrance and Orange County small- and medium-sized businesses for over 30 years, and our experienced team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure you benefit from a robust and personalized disaster recovery solution.

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