Security matters: Protecting your workflow data

Security matters: Protecting your workflow data

The right data pilfered from a business is worth more than gold, and as more companies digitize their operations, the volume and diversity of data that you need to protect increases all the time. Your workflow solution, for example, generates a huge amount of data that cybercriminals would love to get their hands on.

Here, we will examine the importance of data security in workflow solutions, and what you can do to keep your vital information safe.

Take the first step

Before you can put protections in place for your valuable workflow data, you must first determine what valuable workflow data you are generating, where it is stored, and the risks associated with it. Enlist your IT department or IT services provider to perform an audit that includes, at minimum:

  • An inventory of all data sources, systems, and applications used in your workflows
  • A diagnostic of data access controls and encryption mechanisms
  • An analysis of your data retention policies
  • A report on your compliance requirements and how they may affect your workflow solution and its data

This information will be vital for updating your cybersecurity posture and tailoring security tools to your needs.

Data security risks involved in workflow solutions

Let’s take a look at the security risks posed by utilizing a workflow solution and methods to mitigate them.

Unauthorized access

Workflow solutions are often several programs in one, which means there are multiple types of sensitive information that can be accessed by unauthorized parties. If a cybercriminal somehow gains unfettered access to your workflow solution, they will likely be able to steal or destroy all the data it generates with impunity.

To prevent this, enable multifactor authentication (MFA) in your workflow solution, which will require users to present multiple credentials to log in, not just a simple password. You can also restrict access based on role, as not everyone from every team needs complete access to all components of your workflows. A high-quality, feature-rich workflow solution will come with role-based access and MFA options.

Data loss

Because of the large volumes of data a workflow solution handles, a data loss scenario such as a natural disaster or a ransomware attack would be catastrophic. Your solution generates and handles all the data you need to work, so if it’s gone, you can’t work.

A robust data backup strategy minimizes the risks and mitigates the damage of a data loss event. The location(s) of these backups should be different from where the workflow solution operates to insulate them from whatever might cause the data loss. Again, the best solutions will have data backup systems already integrated, so you don’t need to procure a standalone backup program and struggle to get them to work together.

Data snooping and theft

Your workflow solution not only generates valuable data but also transmits it to other programs and devices in your processes. This is when cybercriminals have their best shot at intercepting your data and reading or copying it.

Implement encryption technologies to encrypt workflow data both at rest (in storage) and in transit (transmitted internally or externally). Utilize strong encryption algorithms and key management practices to safeguard data against unauthorized access, interception, and tampering. Additionally, make sure your workflow solution comes with end-to-end encryption capabilities out of the box, and get an expert to configure it for maximum effectiveness.

Poor oversight

If something goes wrong, you need to know what happened and why to mitigate the damage and prevent it from happening again. Due to the complex nature and interconnectedness of a workflow solution, audits and incident investigations can be difficult.

This is why you must implement monitoring and auditing mechanisms to track data access, usage, and modifications in real time. Utilize logging and auditing tools to monitor user activities, identify anomalous behavior, and detect potential security incidents or data breaches.

Ensuring your workflow solution and the data it generates are secure is impossible if your software isn’t up to the task. As one of the leading IT services providers in Los Angeles and Orange County, Complete Document Solutions recommends Therefore™, a workflow solution with all of the features and integrations required to keep your data secure against all manner of risks. We’ve partnered with them to provide our clients with the best solution on the market at the best possible price. Contact us today to learn more.

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