Cybersecurity outsourcing: A smart move for all businesses

Cybersecurity outsourcing: A smart move for all businesses

New technologies and increased connectivity have had multiple benefits but also mean that people are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. Cyberattacks grow in sophistication each year, which means that cybersecurity is an increasingly difficult and complex task for all organizations, small business especially.

That’s why businesses have been increasingly moving toward cybersecurity outsourcing. In this arrangement, businesses entrust the installation, maintenance, and management of their cybersecurity tools to professional IT services companies.

Outsourcing cybersecurity enables businesses of all types and sizes to leverage a variety of advantages, beyond just protecting their data. In this article we’ll look at why cybersecurity is getting harder, what it means to outsource it, and what outsourcing means for your business.

Why is cybersecurity getting harder?

Unfortunately, technology is a tool like any other: it’s useful in the hands of the well-intentioned, but bad actors can turn it into a source of misery. Cybercriminals, like legitimate companies, are increasingly leveraging automation, machine learning, and other emerging technologies for their purposes. In the past, it would take many cybercriminals a significant amount of time and effort to target one business. But now, a single cybercriminal can attack hundreds or even thousands of organizations simultaneously with minimal effort.

This is unfortunate for your business, because whereas the cybercriminals can put all of their time and resources into attacking you, you’ve still got a business to run and can’t put your full focus on defense without sacrificing revenue. It’s even worse if your business is smaller, because you likely don’t have access to the resources for advanced cybersecurity tools. The tools themselves also need to be monitored and maintained by an expert, who you have to pay a salary.

So what do you do when you don’t have the resources or personnel for effective cybersecurity? Outsource it.

What is cybersecurity outsourcing?

When you outsource your cybersecurity to an IT services company, you typically get a team of IT security specialists to design, implement, maintain, and monitor all of your cybersecurity tools around the clock. You’ll also probably enjoy regular staff security awareness training to further strengthen your cybersecurity with good habits and awareness. You get all of this for a fixed monthly fee that is usually less than the cost of hiring and maintaining a single IT employee, much less a full IT department. This is possible because IT services companies work at scale, providing these services to many organizations at once.

The benefits of outsourced cybersecurity

There are many advantages to outsourcing your cybersecurity, including:

  • Advanced tools and techniques: IT services companies have the time and resources to focus on researching new threats and leveraging the latest tools.
  • Cost savings: You pay a set, predictable fee each month that is less than the salary, benefits, and other miscellaneous expenses required for an in-house cybersecurity team.
  • Speed and efficiency: When you outsource cybersecurity, there’s no training required, and you don’t have to spend time managing the cybersecurity provider. The provider also handles your cybersecurity issues quickly, meaning you or your internal IT department can stay focused on other important tasks.
  • Knowledge sharing: Beyond simply operating your cybersecurity tools, your provider will keep you abreast of industry developments, increase your knowledge of cyberthreats, train your employees to spot and prevent attacks, and more to further improve your security.
  • Flexibility and scalability: If your company is growing or restructuring, an outsourced cybersecurity services provider can easily adjust to your new needs. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about hiring or firing IT specialists, or acquiring and updating new hardware and software.

For experienced and effective outsourced cybersecurity services in LA and Orange County, contact Complete Document Solutions. We’ve been successfully defending business of all kinds from cyberthreats for over 25 years.

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