Data backup and disaster recovery trends for 2022

Data backup and disaster recovery trends for 2022

As a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) owner in the Torrance and greater Los Angeles area, it is your responsibility to ensure that your organization is equipped with a data backup and disaster recovery (BDR) plan.

This will allow your business to continue operating in the event of downtime caused by a cyberattack or natural disaster.

An effective data BDR plan should be able to:

  • Guard against various threats
  • Minimize productivity loss
  • Help minimize company expenses

Over the years, cloud technology has grown at an exponential rate, allowing various organizations to take advantage of the latest methods for backing up and recovering data. Here are some of the latest data backup and disaster recovery trends you need to watch out for this year.

#1 Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS)

DRaaS is a BDR model that uses the latest cloud computing technology to protect your data and applications from downtime. Also called Business-Continuity-as-a-Service (BCaaS), DRaaS can fully replicate and back up all your cloud data and applications while acting as a secondary infrastructure at the same time.

This secondary infrastructure allows you and your employees to continue working while your primary system is down or is being repaired.

#2 Automation

Managed IT services providers (MSPs) are now working on automating cloud BDR processes. With the threat of security breaches growing every day, it's not enough to rely on your employees to back up all of your company's data.

One growing trend that business owners are looking for is a cloud backup solution with geo-redundant storage capabilities. Adopting an automated BDR system that will back up your company's sensitive data at scheduled intervals will minimize human error and prevent any accidental loss of data.

#3 Solid-state drives (SSD)

SSDs are a new generation of storage devices that use flash-based memory instead of small moving parts. This allows SSDs to deliver information faster than traditional hard disk drives (HDDs). With the absence of moving parts, SSDs use less energy and are more durable than HDDs. The only drawback is that SSDs are still very expensive, and not all organizations can afford them.

#4 Artificial intelligence (AI)

Probably the biggest trend in the field of data backup and disaster recovery is AI. Businesses and MSPs are looking to implement AI in data BDR processes because AI can analyze data faster and improve security monitoring.

#5 Hybrid cloud

The cloud has been at the forefront of the backup industry because of how successful it has become as a secure storage center for vital company data and applications. But if you're looking for more flexibility, using a hybrid cloud backup solution is perfect for you.

A hybrid cloud gives you the combined functionality of both public and private cloud services that allows you to have more than one data center to store your information and applications.

#6 Integrated data protection

Integrated data protection is the convergence of the complete backup, recovery, duplication, restoration, and immediate access to your data in a single device such as Dell's EMC Integrated Data Protection Appliance. It is a cost-effective solution because you won't need multiple systems to handle your company's backup and recovery processes.

The data backup and disaster recovery trends mentioned above will significantly affect the way your company approaches data management and protection. To ensure that your BDR plan stays updated and robust, partner with CDS. Our backup and disaster recovery services will store your data in off-site backup locations to ensure the information is secure and restorable in minutes. Learn more about how your business will benefit from partnering with us, get our free eBook today.

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