Benefits of a wide format printer

Benefits of a wide format printer

Does your business often print materials that are larger than what your current printer can handle, such as posters and blueprints? If you're using a standard office printer, you're limited to printing 8.5 x 11-inch documents, and printing anything larger than that is going to be a constant struggle.

There is a workaround, but one that can be time-consuming and tedious. You can calculate the exact print settings of the document and divide it into multiple 8.5 x 11-inch sheets. Then you'd have to cut out the edges of each document to remove the white borders. Finally, you'll need to piece each part of the document together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The simplest and easiest solution is to print the document on a single sheet using a wide format printer.

What is a wide format printer?

A wide format printer, also called a large format or grand format printer, is a machine capable of printing documents with sizes up to 18 x 100 inches. There are two types of wide format printers: printer-only and multifunction. The printer-only type can print files from a computer or USB flash drive, while the multifunction type comes with a scanner either on top or on the side of the printer. The latter allows you to scan and print files directly from the printer. You can also choose between a laser or inkjet wide format printer, depending on your company's printing needs.

What are the benefits of using a wide format printer?

The ability to print large format documents is only one benefit of using a wide format printer. Other benefits include:

1. High-quality prints

Wide format printers feature advanced droplet technology wherein microscopic ink droplets and precision ink ejection are used to create vivid images with stunning clarity that will not smudge. This makes wide format printers ideal for high-quality projects like banners, large posters, wall decals, and car wraps.

2. Faster printing speed

Wide format printers can handle massive printing projects at speeds that regular desktop printers can't match. In fact, an average wide format printer can print 15 large, high-quality posters within an hour. This is perfect for businesses that regularly produce multiple large-format documents.

3. Printing on various surfaces

Standard printers can only print on paper-based materials, whereas wide format printers can print on various materials such as fabric, vinyl, ceramics, wood, foam, PVC, and coated metal. This can work wonders for your marketing efforts, as you can use a wide format printer to create branded clothing, floor graphics, murals, signs, and more.

4. Cost savings

Investing in a wide format printer may seem expensive, but it can save your business on printing costs in the long run. Many third-party printing companies base their prices on the size of the print, the type of paper used, the amount of ink used, the color of the print, and labor.

Outsourcing to a printing company usually results in high printing costs per page, and if you need several wide format prints, the cost can quickly skyrocket. On the other hand, printing on your own wide format printer is cheaper and in the long run, it will eventually outweigh the price of the printer and supplies.

Investing in a wide format printer may seem expensive, but it can save your business on printing costs in the long run.

How much do wide format printers cost?

The price of a wide format printer depends on several factors such as the level of the printer (basic, mid-range, production, or fine art), number of colors, maximum width, and compatible media types, to name a few. If your business is looking for an affordable and high-quality wide format printer, check out some of the leading brands we offer.

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