5 Undeniable business benefits of cloud printing

5 Undeniable business benefits of cloud printing

Given the popularity of cloud services in businesses, it’s hardly surprising that it has expanded into printing as well. Cloud printing services allow employees to print from any device connected to the internet, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, including those they own themselves. By contrast, traditional printing is a far more cumbersome process that needs cables and software drivers.

Here are five business benefits of using a cloud printing solution:

#1. Say goodbye to printer drivers

Installing printer drivers on every device you own is time-consuming and prone to errors and inconsistencies. Sometimes, there isn’t even a compatible driver available for a device you want to print from.

You don’t have to worry about these if you use cloud printing. All you have to do is send a printing request through a web-based system, which serves as an interface between your device and the printer itself.

This means you don’t need to install any drivers on the local device and you can print documents from any company-authorized device connected to the internet, even if it’s not on the same network as the printer.

#2. Reduce the amount of waste

Many businesses still use far more paper than required, despite the growing trend of paperless offices. Cloud printing can dramatically reduce waste by providing a simplified and centralized way to manage the entire printing environment across multiple branches and any number of employees and end-user devices. It lets administrators set quotas and rules and enforce them automatically, while built-in analytics identifies unnecessary usage.

#3. Keep printers running properly

The ability to manage your entire printing infrastructure from a web-based dashboard makes it easier to maintain your printers and keep them up to date. If the firmware is out of date on one or more of your printers, the management dashboard should tell you if there’s a new one available.

Some solutions allow you to install printer firmware remotely as well. Administrators will also be kept informed about printer health and important factors such as ink or toner levels and printhead health. If any consumables need replacing, you should even be able to order them directly through the dashboard.

#4. Manage multiple user groups

The simplest cloud printing solutions tend to be those offered by the printer manufacturers themselves, but they’re not much use in larger organizations when you have dozens of printers in service and hundreds of different devices and user accounts accessing them.

A business-grade cloud printing solution will help you define multiple user groups and customize the rules for each. For example, if your business has multiple branches, you can connect to existing directory services to segment and configure access levels across each one. No matter how big your organization, cloud printing provides complete scalability and flexibility.

#5. Boost data security

One of the most common concerns business leaders have about cloud printing is that the print jobs are rendered on public computing infrastructure. There’s a common perception that data is less safe in the public cloud.

However, business-grade cloud printing services offer several opportunities to boost security, including encryption of data in transit and at rest. Meanwhile, those with particularly stringent security requirements can implement a private cloud printing service that uses infrastructure owned exclusively by the company.

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