Colorado M3

LEVEL UP YOUR GAME Are you ready for the next level in productivity and creativity? The Colorado M-series was designed to allow you to say ‘yes’ to more jobs, create stunning applications and reduce turnaround times. Fastest 64” production printer in its class to help reduce production times

Retaining Colorado’s industrial build quality, the new M-series design, with in-field upgrades, is based on a single platform that can be configured to help meet customer needs. The scalable series features two speed configurations, optional UVgel white ink capabilities and a host of additional modular options to enable end-users to customize their device according to their business needs and to grow their printer as their business grows.

The M3 BASE configuration can be expanded over time up to the M5W PRO configuration, which includes increased functionality such as speed enhancements, double siding printing, dual-roll, white ink capabilities and FLXfinish+.

Base configuration includes:

  • Impressive media range
  • Upgradeable
  • Rock-solid quality
  • Level up your Colorado into a Factory.
  • Maximum Size 64” Wide

6175C003AA Colorado M3 Base Set

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