Digital Documents

Digital Documents

Customizable, Personalized Forms for Your Business

Complete Document Solutions specializes in opening up new possibilities for customers to improve productivity and save on operating costs. With our Digital Documents solutions, you can cut expenses, create new sales and marketing opportunities and more.

Advantages of Digital Documents

The advantages of using digital documents rather than pre-printed forms include:

Replace Pre-Printing Forms

Pre-printed forms can become expensive easily. Just one part of a form can cost you up to 15 cents each.

Digital Documents allow you to avoid these costs. They give you the ability to create, edit and print such crucial documents as:

  • Invoices
  • Statements
  • Delivery Order Forms

One-on-One Marketing

Using variable-data digital documents also enables you to create marketing materials that tie in with the specific buying habits of individuals.

Invoice Marketing

You can fit advertisements into your invoices that encourage your customers to act on special deals and spend more money. The ads can be static or change based on past purchases or other data from a client’s account.

Direct Output to Multiple Locations

Digital document technology allows you to store records and distribute them via snail mail, fax or email automatically.

Other Document Solutions

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CDS’s IT Services

In addition to our Document Solutions, CDS offers a suite of IT Services to improve every part of your network. Check out these pages for more information:

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