Wide Format

Wide Format

Print Bigger and Better with CDS’s Wide Format Printers

Different industries depend on different kinds of prints and documents:

  • A construction company will need to print blueprints for building projects
  • A graphic design firm may need to print out their latest designs and layouts
  • A retail store could need to produce banners for a sale or other special event

At Complete Document Solutions, we pride ourselves on having solutions for our clients’ diverse document needs. With our wide format printers, you can produce all of the documents mentioned above and more. You’ll get documents in larger sizes with superior detail and visual appeal.

Features of CDS’s Wide Format Devices

CDS’s wide format printers come with such beneficial features as:

High Print Speeds

Our devices produce clean, sharp prints quickly.

Outstanding Print Resolution

Documents printed on our wide format devices will have the fine details you need.

Editing Features

Our printers enable you to:

  • Change document sizes
  • Change margins
  • Adjust color settings

Scanning Capabilities

Some of CDS’s available devices come with scanning capabilities. You can convert your larger documents into digital formats and share them with others with ease.

Other Printing Systems

CDS has a variety of printing systems for different clients’ needs. Click the links below for details:

CDS’s Document Solutions

CDS clients can also increase their productivity with our suite of Document Solutions. Check out the following pages to learn more:

For more information on our wide format printers, browse the catalog or contact us.