Destroy Documents Quickly and Securely with Shredders from CDS

At Complete Document Solutions, we realize that our clients’ needs don’t stop at printing documents. In some instances, you may need to dispose of your documents safely as well.

Of course, disposal could involve more than just throwing files in the trashcan or the recycling bin. The standards and regulations of your industry may require you to prevent others from viewing the information contained in your documents.

CDS’s shredders allow you to destroy documents quickly and securely. You’ll have the ability to dispose of your files without compromising your clients or your business.

Features of CDS’s Document Shredders

With a document shredder from CDS, you can:

  • Shred hundreds or thousands of sheets every day
  • Shred a dozen or more sheets of paper at a time
  • Take advantage of available devices’ automatic on/off feature, which lets you start shredding as soon as you insert the paper.
  • Leave your workplace undisturbed thanks to our shredders’ sturdy, quiet-running designs
  • Meet compliance for information privacy and security

CDS’s Printing Systems

CDS has a diverse selection of equipment for your document-printing needs. See the following pages for more information:

CDS’s Document Solutions

CDS does much more than sell hardware. With our Document Solutions, you can manage your digital files better, fine-tune your processes and more. Check out these pages for details:

For more details on our document shredders, contact us.