Capture and Convert Documents with CDS’s Scanners

Thanks to changes in technology, companies have better ways of storing and distributing their documents than ever before. Instead of bulky filing cabinets that take up space in your office and leave you at risk of losing information, you can convert your files into various digital formats and save them on your network for easy retrieval.

At Complete Document Solutions, we pride ourselves on helping clients operate at peak productivity levels. Our assortment of document scanners will enable you to capture your physical documents and convert them with impressive efficiency. You can cut down on costs connected to storing paper files and manage your information better.

Features of CDS’s Scanners

CDS’s scanners have helpful features like:

  • Easy-to-use controls
  • Ability to scan dozens of pages within minutes
  • Options for scanning files to different formats and locations
  • Superior optical resolution for greater detail retention
  • Environmentally responsible, energy-conserving design

CDS’s Document Solutions

Once you’ve scanned your documents, CDS can help you organize and protect them as well. Check out the following pages for information on some of our Document Solutions:

Printing Equipment, Repair and Services

CDS can help you produce and manage your hard copies better as well. Click the links below to learn about our printing equipment and related services:

For more details on our available scanners, browse the catalog or contact us.