imagePRESS V900 Production Color Digital Press

Canon has seamlessly blended form and function to help inexperienced operators produce brilliant output with superb color fast! Speeds of up to 90 ppm (Letter) and the default High-Productivity Mode can help you hit tight deadlines and get more work done throughout the day.

The imagePRESS V900 can auto-duplex sheets up to 130 lb. Cover and the Compact Registration Unit helps improve front-to-back alignment and consistency on those sheets with a specification of +/- 0.8mm. A combination of digital sensors, together with the Compact Registration Unit, help to ensure that even heavy and large sheets are accurately and consistently positioned.

It produces vibrant color predictably, even on specialty medias such as magnets, synthetics, textured, envelopes, and heavy rigid stocks1 helping produce work that’s precise and compelling. With its Translucent CV Toner, a media’s surface properties can be preserved, producing vibrant, vivid images across the sheet surface on a wide variety of stocks.

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