imagePRESS V1000 Production Color Digital Press for average monthly print volume of up to 600,000 LTR images per month

Canon has synergized form and function so that even the most inexperienced operators can impress with superb color and exquisite output. The innovative POD-SURF (Surface Rapid Fusing) Technology maintains print speeds of up to 101 letter sized pages per minute on coated and heavier-weight stocks up to 150 lb. Cover. It handles complex, mixed-weight jobs easily for superb uptime, helping you to shorten turnaround times and get finished jobs out the door.

The imagePRESS V1000 can auto-duplex sheets up to 150 lb. Cover and 51.2” long1. The new Precision Registration Technology helps improve front-to-back alignment and consistency. The sophisticated multi-point check internal monitoring system helps allow superb registration accuracy on your crucial booklet, postcard, and direct mail jobs.

It produces vibrant color predictably, even on specialty medias such as magnets, synthetics, textured, envelopes, and heavy rigid stocks1 helping produce work that’s precise and compelling. On virtually any surface, Canon’s Dynamic Image Transfer Technology and Advanced Image Transfer Belt can help provide full, rich color on a wide range of surface types.

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