Canon Specialty Printer LX-D1300 inkjet label printer

The Canon LX-D1300 inkjet label printer is a small, dye-based label printing solution for quickly and easily printing color labels with accurate graphics used for product packaging and many other areas. The LX-D1300 printer is ideal to print labels in color affordably and on demand. Manufacturing labels (food and beverage), retail labels (product packaging and shelf identifi cation, sku) and general product labels can be printed on-demand in short run lengths, providing products with a professional appearance. Printing labels on-demand rather than printing large volumes in advance can help save on storage space and excess label media costs. Other uses for the LX-D1300 include printing items such as tickets, temporary ID tags or badges, decals and stickers. The LX-D1300 is also compact, and can be easily used on a desktop

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