Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Print More for Less with Managed Print Services

Many companies don’t stop to examine their total print needs and costs. When they don’t, they could end up losing a considerable amount of money.

Gartner Group estimates show that organizations spend an average of 1-3% of their annual revenue on printing documents. This can represent hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The fact that many businesses don’t have measureable cost controls in place can make the problem even worse.

Complete Document Solutions can help you get greater control over your processes and budget. With our Managed Print Services, you can improve your productivity while lowering printing costs by as much as 30%.

Details of Managed Print Services

CDS’s Managed Print Services has three main steps:


We standardize device platforms across your workplace, making it much simpler to manage your printer fleet. Your employees won’t need to learn how to operate multiple devices. Instead of wasting time figuring out how to print documents, they can concentrate on their other day-to-day tasks.


Smaller, personal printers may be convenient for individual employees, but they can cost you four or five times more than departmental devices would. For this reason, part of Managed Print Services involves reducing the number of personal desktop printers in your workplace. Not only will you need to manage fewer devices, you can save money on toner, parts and maintenance.


Managed Print Services also involves positioning workgroup printers and multifunction systems throughout your office. This will help you cut costs and improve efficiency.

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To gain control of your print processes and costs, contact us about Managed Print Services today.