E-fax Solutions

E-fax Solutions

Save Money and Improve Efficiency with Electronic Faxes

Faxing is still a common way for businesses to send and receive information. However, it has its drawbacks:

  • You can wind up spending a lot on fax lines and supplies like paper and toner.
  • You can’t integrate traditional fax machines with applications on your computers.
  • You can’t know for certain that information reaches the intended recipient.

Happily, Complete Document Solutions can give you a way to send faxes without running into these problems. With our E-Fax Solutions, you can send faxes from your multifunction systems. You can save money and make your information more secure.

Benefits of CDS’s E-Fax Solutions

CDS’s E-Fax Solutions allow you to:

  • Reduce supply usage and expenses
  • Send faxes from your computer
  • Route faxes to email addresses for greater information security
  • Track faxes you send and receive with audit trails
  • Consolidate devices in your workplace

Additional IT Services

E-Fax Solutions are just one way in which CDS can help you boost productivity, cut costs and keep your data protected. To learn about our other IT Services, click the links below:

For more information on increasing efficiency with our E-Fax Solutions, contact us today.