The future of managed print services: How cloud integration is changing the game

The future of managed print services: How cloud integration is changing the game

For small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) like yours that want to keep printing costs down and get the most out of their printers, managed print solutions (MPS) are already a great option. But as with many other areas of business technology, cloud technology is taking MPS to the next level.

In this blog post, we'll explore how the cloud can supercharge your printing and why integrating cloud technology into your printing strategy can be a game-changer for your business.


One of the primary advantages of a cloud-based MPS is centralized management. The cloud enables you to manage your entire printing infrastructure from a single unified platform through a convenient dashboard, allowing you to monitor print activities, enforce print policies, and manage user access with ease. What’s more, the ability to oversee all printers regardless of their physical location simplifies administrative tasks and ensures you can implement consistent print policies across your whole organization.

Cost savings and budget control

By leveraging the cloud with your MPS, you can reduce the need for on-premises hardware and all the maintenance expenses that come with it. Plus, with cloud-based MPS, you typically pay a monthly subscription fee, so you only pay for what you use. This makes it effortless to scale your printing services up or down as your business grows, preventing you from overspending on unnecessary equipment.

Better security

Cloud-based MPS tools come packed with features to keep your confidential documents and data safe. This includes secure print release, which ensures documents only print when the user is at the printer. It also includes encryption while data is at rest and in transit. The best part is that since your cloud provider hosts everything, they'll handle all the security updates and upgrades for you, keeping your information protected without needing a dedicated IT team.

Streamlined workflow and integration

Cloud-managed print solutions can seamlessly integrate with your other cloud-based applications and services, including document management systems, email platforms, and productivity suites. This integration streamlines your workflows and allows for custom integrations to meet specific business needs.

Improved accessibility and mobility

Empower your team on the go. If your employees work remotely or travel for work, printing can become a hassle. Cloud-based MPS lets them securely print from anywhere and on any device that has an internet connection. This means no more scrambling to find a printer or emailing documents back and forth. Your team can stay productive and get things done when they need to, no matter their location.

Easier scalability and flexibility

SMBs with fluctuating print demands will find the scalability of a cloud-based MPS a boon to their operations. As your business grows or seasonal demand increases, you can easily upscale your print services to accommodate surges. Conversely, if your printing needs decrease, you can adjust your subscription so that you don’t pay for unused resources.

Real-time monitoring and analytics

Cloud-based MPS gives you a crystal-clear picture of your printing habits with real-time monitoring and detailed reports. These reports show you exactly how much you're printing, who's doing the printing, and where the costs are going. With this insight, you can easily spot areas to cut back on unnecessary printing and optimize how your office uses its resources. This translates to real savings and a more efficient way of running your business.

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