Slash your business’s printing costs: 5 Proven strategies

Slash your business’s printing costs: 5 Proven strategies

Printing costs can sneak up on even the most savvy small- and medium-sized businesses like yours, draining already tight IT budgets. Fortunately, there are effective strategies that you can implement to significantly reduce printing expenses without sacrificing productivity or quality.

In this article, we'll explore five proven strategies that will help you slash printing costs while streamlining your operations.

Minimize paper use

One of the most effective ways to reduce printing costs, unsurprisingly, is to use less paper. Fortunately, reducing paper consumption in the workplace is now easier with document digitization and paperless workflow solutions. Both of these technologies have come a long way and can drastically reduce your printing budget.

These solutions provide tools such as digital documents, encrypted emails, and electronic signatures that provide cost-effective alternatives to printing and distributing paper-based materials. While digitalization and paperless workflows require initial investment and upkeep, they significantly decrease your reliance on printing, resulting in substantial cost savings on paper, ink, and maintenance over time.

Streamline your printer fleet

It isn't just your supplies that drain your budget but your devices as well. Assess your current printer fleet and identify opportunities to consolidate devices, retire underutilized printers, or replace outdated models with more cost-effective alternatives. A new multifunction printer may be more expensive than the ones you are operating now, but if it uses less energy, replaces multiple devices, and works faster, it can be a game-changer in the long run. By optimizing your printer fleet, you can streamline operations and improve productivity while cutting energy and maintenance costs.

Leverage data to inform and enforce printing policies

Understanding your organization's printing habits is key to setting cost-effective printing policies. Print management software empowers you to do this by monitoring printing activities and generating insightful reports. This data helps you identify areas for significant cost savings and ensure everyone adheres to established printing guidelines.

Here's how print management software helps you achieve this:

  • Set print quotas: Limit individual or departmental printing volumes to avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Control color printing: Restrict access to color printing for authorized users or specific purposes, like marketing materials.
  • Enforce role-based policies: Automatically enforce printing policies based on user roles and responsibilities.

For high-volume printing environments, consider implementing a centralized printing server to have even greater control over printing activities and further optimize your printing costs.

Educate your employees

Printing still requires human input, so ensuring that your employees know how to reduce printing costs is a critical step in managing your IT budget. Promote responsible printing behavior among employees by raising awareness of the financial and environmental implications of printing. Equip them with clear and easy-to-follow tips, such as :

  • Printing only what is necessary
  • Setting economical printer settings (e.g., black and white, low quality for drafts, double-sided printing)
  • Using digital alternatives whenever possible

By fostering a culture of responsible printing, you can empower your employees to take ownership of their printing habits and contribute to overall cost-reduction efforts.

Use cost-effective printing supplies

When there's no digital alternative and you must print something, follow these tips to save on supplies without sacrificing quality:

  • Consider compatible cartridges: Opt for remanufactured or third-party ink and toner cartridges instead of pricier originals.
  • Refill, not replace: Look for refillable cartridges to extend their lifespan and minimize waste.
  • Buy in bulk or subscribe: Save with bulk orders of ink and toner, or explore subscription services for recurring needs.
  • Choose the right paper: Use recycled or lower-quality paper for draft prints or less demanding jobs.

By investing some time in finding the right cost-effective supplies, you can significantly lower your printing expenses.

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