Make these tech adjustments to achieve optimum efficiency in 2024

Make these tech adjustments to achieve optimum efficiency in 2024

Your business technology is a major driver of your efficiency, so adjusting and improving it are excellent ways to get even more out of your IT. Fortunately, there are many ways to accomplish this, from dramatic changes that require large investments, to small tweaks that deliver minute yet valuable benefits. A fresh start and new year deals on technology make for a good time to implement these improvements, so let’s go over some adjustments you can make to your IT that will help you achieve optimum efficiency in 2024.

Embrace cloud solutions

Migrating to the cloud or shifting more of your systems to a cloud infrastructure are not new ideas, but the efficiency benefits they provide are unmatched, so it bears repeating here.

Cloud-powered solutions are heads and shoulders above their traditional counterparts in terms of flexibility, scalability, and availability. The ability to edit and collaborate on files in real time from any location, and the simplification of business processes through cloud integration are just some of the biggest benefits to your efficiency.

Update, upgrade, and reconfigure

Constantly auditing systems to determine what is outdated and needs to be replaced or updated is a time-consuming process that many businesses avoid for too long. Unfortunately, outdated systems can be a huge drain on efficiency, so regular updates are vital.

Not only are the newest versions of software and hardware usually more efficient and feature-rich, but they are also at lower risk of compatibility issues caused by version mismatches between each other. So while it may cost time and effort to determine and implement needed updates, you’re saving more over the long run.

Additionally, don’t forget to have your IT personnel reconfigure updated systems to ensure they continue to operate with the most efficient settings, as things may change after a big update.

Implement automated solutions

The rise of AI in recent years has seen an explosion in automation in the business IT space, improving on the old ways and bringing machine learning to previously unenhanced systems. There are a myriad of repetitive and time-consuming tasks that you can now delegate thanks to automation, including email marketing, inventory management, data analysis, social media posting, content creation, and many more.

AI is finding its way into more facets of your IT all the time, so speak to your CTO or IT consultant to discover where your infrastructure could benefit from more automation.

Streamline communications

The business world is very highly connected now. So much so that the sheer volume of communication channels can overwhelm you. The good news is that technology offers solutions to the problem it created, such as communication software that centralizes these channels.

Programs such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, Google Chat, or ClickUp bring multiple communication methods under the same roof so you don’t have to click from program to program trying to keep track of all of your messages and calls. Email, text chat, voice calls, SMS, video conferencing, and even project management can all be united into one platform so your employees can communicate more efficiently and reduce the risk of miscommunication.

Conduct employee training

Your technology, however sophisticated it may be, must still be operated by humans and can only be improved so much before reaching its limit. So how do you get more efficiency after it’s gone as far as it can? Focus on the people using it. By offering training on the technologies your company uses, you empower your employees to leverage these tools to their fullest and unlock further efficiency boosts.

This can be something simple, such as cybersecurity awareness training to reduce security events, or advanced training that teaches workers to customize software to their preferences and strengths. Thankfully, your human assets have much more potential for improvement than machines, so educate your workforce to get efficiency benefits you can’t get anywhere else.

Call in the experts

Finding all the possible areas for technology adjustment can be a difficult and long process, made even more time-consuming if you don’t have extensive IT knowledge and expertise. An experienced consultant or technician can find many more areas of improvement than an untrained employee, so this could be one of the most sound investments you make for improving efficiency. It may cost extra initially, but the savings granted by long-term boosts to efficiency more than make up for it.

Our team at Complete Document Solutions offers IT consulting services to help businesses optimize their technology for maximum efficiency. Our experts can analyze your current infrastructure and processes, provide recommendations for improvement, and assist in implementing these changes. With our guidance, you can ensure that your technology is in top shape to help your business thrive this year and beyond. Contact us today to get started.

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