How regular business technology reviews benefit your business

How regular business technology reviews benefit your business

A business technology review is an audit of your entire IT network and infrastructure, revealing strengths and weaknesses as well as areas that could be improved. These reviews can be time-consuming, but conducting them regularly provides benefits that you just can’t ignore.

Benefits of a business technology review

Here are some advantages your company can enjoy by performing business technology reviews on a consistent schedule.

Cost savings

This may seem counterintuitive, but spending resources on an IT review saves you money in the long run. Over the course of a business technology review you might discover drains on your budget, including:

  • Unused, ineffective, and/or redundant software subscriptions
  • Poorly performing IT that drains productivity and efficiency, costing you revenue
  • Technology that demands excessive maintenance and support costs
  • Solutions that have more cost-effective alternatives
  • And many more

By identifying these resource drains, you can consolidate services, optimize licensing, and replace outdated systems, allowing for better capital allocation and budget optimization.

Maximum productivity and efficiency

In the same way that you can discover drains on your budget with an IT review, you can also see where you are losing out on productivity and efficiency. Analyzing your software, hardware, and processes helps pinpoint bottlenecks and outdated tools that hamstring your workforce’s performance. Addressing these issues through updates or upgrades enhances operational efficiency, allowing your team to work more productively.

Realignment with business goals

You regularly review your business operations to ensure that they are driving your company’s goals, so why not do the same for your technology? As your goals and priorities shift to accommodate changing needs and markets, you must ensure that your technology can keep up too. A business technology review shows you how your infrastructure can be adjusted to better support your current objectives, ensuring you don’t have to work with IT that is geared toward outdated goals.

Improved employee satisfaction and adoption

You might discover and implement the perfect technology solution on paper, but if it doesn’t mesh with your workforce’s capabilities and preferences, it won’t have the desired effect. A business technology review often includes interviewing your employees to identify their recurring issues and take their suggestions on how to improve IT performance in their distinct departments. With this information, you can acquire technologies that will improve adoption rates, efficiency, and workplace satisfaction.

Enhanced security and compliance

It’s a well-known fact that cybercriminals are constantly developing new ways to attack your business and profit from your mistakes. That’s why your cybersecurity posture must be constantly updated and upgraded to defend against the newest threats. Regular business technology reviews not only reveal what new defenses you need to stay safe, but also what needs to be done to ensure compliance with the newest regulations. Compliance rules evolve all the time, and saying “I didn’t know I needed an update” is not going to prevent penalties or fines, nor will it protect your system from attacks.

Better strategic decision-making

How can you plan for your business’s future if you don’t know if your IT can make it happen? Regular technology assessments provide your leadership with valuable insights that inform strategic decision-making. Whether it's investment in new technologies, software upgrades, or business process improvements, data obtained from these reviews enable more informed decisions that align with your company’s objectives.

Sustained competitive advantages

Staying ahead in modern markets requires innovation and the adoption of new technologies, but without regularly assessing your IT, you’re operating with incomplete information. Having up-to-date knowledge of your entire technology infrastructure enables you to more easily pivot to new and innovative tools to improve your services, efficiency, and customer satisfaction. For the best results, make sure your business technology review is conducted by experienced professionals who stay abreast of the IT industry’s developments. This way, you can get recommendations for newer and more effective technologies without having to go elsewhere.

Consult with Complete Document Solutions experts to help you understand how a business technology review can help you and how we can improve your IT infrastructure afterwards. Contact us today.

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