5 Reasons document digitization is a must

5 Reasons document digitization is a must

Document digitization is the process of converting paper documents into digital formats, with the goal being paperless operations that utilize digital documents from end to end. As with any analog-to-digital conversion, document digitization offers numerous advantages and benefits, making it essential for businesses dealing with large volumes of documents.

Here are a few reasons why your company should consider document digitization.

1. Space and cost savings

Storing paper documents requires space and, in most cases, added security. Additionally, the process of creating these documents in the first place requires ink, paper, printers (and their maintenance), and other resources. All of this costs you money, whereas digital documents utilize the IT network you already operate, requiring little to no additional hardware or space.

2. Better productivity

Manually looking for physical documents not only wastes valuable time but also brings unnecessary frustration to your workforce. Paperless documents can be indexed and tagged with metadata to make for easy search and retrieval. Your employees can also share, review, and edit documents in real time, eliminating the need for manual tracking and follow-up.

This enhanced collaboration speeds up decision-making as well as gives you back hours wasted on looking for and sending out paper documents, allowing your team to spend more time on core operations.

3. Improved security and compliance

Being physical objects, paper documents are far more susceptible to theft or damage. It’s also much more difficult to ensure that they comply with information security regulations, such as HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and the like.

Digital documents can be encrypted and stored securely in the cloud, with access controls adding yet another layer of security. There are also software programs purpose-built to help businesses achieve and maintain compliance easily by ensuring digital documents are secured per regulation guidelines. With these programs, it is possible to track document access, changes, and audit trails automatically, making it that much easier to comply with regulations.

4. Enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery

In the event of a natural disaster or other unexpected catastrophe, paper documents can be easily lost for good. A fire, a hurricane, or even just a simple water leak can make short work of a whole cabinet of documents. Digitized documents, on the other hand, can be backed up and stored in multiple locations, ensuring data is never lost permanently and can be quickly restored. This not only allows businesses to swiftly resume full operations after an adverse event but also fosters trust among their customers and partners by showcasing their resilience.

5. Reduced environmental impact

Reducing the consumption of paper products as well as the ink, toner, and assortment of plastic components required for document generation is good for the environment. With digital documents, you can run your business more sustainably and minimize your impact on the environment. This is a concern for many customers and partners, so you can help the planet and your bottom line by demonstrating your commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Digital documents are no longer optional

Document digitization is a necessity for staying competitive, efficient, and secure in the digital economy. The benefits listed here as well as many others make digital documentation the right choice for your revenue, your workforce, your operations, and the environment.

If your business is in Los Angeles County or Orange County and you are interested in achieving the benefits of document digitization, contact Complete Document Solutions. Our team will be happy to discuss your needs and how our digitization solutions can help your business thrive in the digital age.

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