Managed print services: The secret to boosting your cybersecurity

Managed print services: The secret to boosting your cybersecurity

Most organizations think of managed print services (MPS) as a way to reduce printing costs and optimize printer fleets. And while those are certainly key benefits of an MPS solution, there is another tremendous advantage that is often overlooked: improved cybersecurity.

Printers and data security

Though the importance of protecting data is widely recognized, not many businesses are aware of the potential vulnerabilities posed by their printer fleet. Printers represent one of the most common entry points for hackers and other malicious actors, as these devices are often left unattended, may store sensitive data, and are typically connected to the same network as computers.

Anyone can simply walk up and read a document that's been left in the printer's output tray. If that document contains confidential information, there's a huge risk of data leakage and exposure. The same applies if sensitive data is stored on the printer itself; unless adequate security measures are in place, the data can be easily accessed by unauthorized personnel.

Finally, while it makes sense to keep printers and computers connected in order to facilitate printing, this also makes it easier for attackers to breach IT networks through the printer. All it takes is a printer-related security lapse or vulnerability, and hackers can gain access to an organization's systems and data.

How managed print services help

With MPS, businesses can protect their printers from these vulnerabilities and reduce the risk of data exposure or unauthorized access. Professional MPS providers offer a wide range of options that can help organizations secure their printer fleet, such as:

  • Remote monitoring and management – Providers can monitor and track all devices in the fleet, detect any potential security risks, and provide real-time alerts if a problem is detected.
  • Automated security updates and patches – Keeping drivers and firmware up to date is essential for maintaining security. MPS providers can automate these processes, so your printers are always running the most secure and updated software.
  • Robust authentication measures – MPS solutions can be configured to require authentication from authorized personnel when a job is sent to a printer. This means that only those who are allowed access can view or print documents, preventing potential data leakage or theft.
  • Data encryption – Encryption is crucial to safeguarding data. Many MPS solutions offer encryption capabilities, which ensure that any documents stored on or sent to a printer are rendered unreadable by anyone who may try to intercept them.
  • Compliant document management – Depending on the industry or region, organizations may need to comply with certain regulations and standards for data handling. MPS solutions can help with this by providing secure document management and storage, as well as audit trails.
  • Comprehensive security policies – Enforcing strict security policies can help organizations safeguard their printers. MPS providers can provide guidance on best practices and help businesses implement the policies that are most appropriate for their needs.

The key takeaway

Ultimately, MPS solutions can provide multiple layers of protection for businesses' printer fleets, helping them safeguard their data and maintain a secure printing environment. In addition, partnering with a reliable MPS provider can enable organizations to keep abreast of the latest developments in printer security and take full advantage of the latest technologies to protect key business assets.

As such, MPS is an invaluable tool for businesses looking to secure their printer fleets and protect their data from potential threats. It can also help free up valuable IT resources, allowing organizations to focus on other strategic initiatives while making the most of their printer infrastructure.

Complete Document Solutions can provide a comprehensive MPS solution that can help your Los Angeles or Orange County business stay ahead of the game when it comes to printer security. Contact us today to learn more.

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