Managed print services: The solution to your school’s printing problems

Managed print services: The solution to your school’s printing problems

Managing a school’s printing needs can be difficult. Between having to keep track of several printers, dealing with the environmental impact of all that printing, and ensuring that teachers and students have the best possible printing experience, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

That’s where managed print services (MPS) can help. MPS help schools improve their printing processes and infrastructure by solving these five common problems:

Having too many printers to manage

Many schools purchase new printers as their needs change and grow. However, this can result in having too many machines to manage, especially if old ones are not properly disposed of.

An MPS provider can take inventory of all the printers in a school and create a centralized management system. This way, it’s easier to keep track of maintenance and supplies for all the printers and to remove old or unused printers from the school’s network. An MPS provider can also conduct an assessment of the school’s printing needs and make recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

An MPS provider can conduct an assessment of a school’s printing needs and make recommendations to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Inefficient printers and printing practices

Mismanaged printers can be a real drain on resources. For example, if printers are not properly calibrated, they can use more ink or toner than necessary. Or, if printers are not regularly maintained, they may break down and require repairs more often.

An MPS provider can optimize a school’s printing infrastructure by conducting regular maintenance on printers and calibrating them optimally. An MPS provider can also help implement printing best practices, such as duplex printing and print queue management. These practices can reduce paper waste and improve printer uptime, which can translate to significant cost savings for schools.

Environmental issues

With more schools working to become eco-friendly, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of printing. Printers use a lot of energy, and the paper and ink cartridges they use can end up in landfills.

There are a number of ways that MPS can help reduce the environmental impacts of printing. For instance, an MPS provider can help a school choose energy-efficient printers and paper sources. They can also help implement recycling programs for ink and toner cartridges as well as set up a system to track and reduce printer usage.

Keeping confidential information secure

Every organization prints confidential information, and schools are no exception. From student records to staff evaluations, there is a lot of sensitive data that passes through a school’s printers.

An MPS provider can protect this information by implementing password security and data encryption on school printers. With these security measures in place, only authorized users can access and view print data.

Overwhelmed IT staff and frustrated users

Printing problems can be a real headache for IT staff and users alike. If printers are constantly breaking down or running out of supplies, then IT staff can spend a lot of time fixing problems instead of working on other projects. Plus, if users can’t print when they need to, then their productivity suffers.

MPS can ease the burden on IT staff and improve the printing experience for users. An MPS provider can proactively manage the school’s printers so that IT staff doesn’t have to. They can even implement user-friendly features, such as mobile printing and print release stations to make printing more convenient for users and help reduce the number of calls to IT.

These pain points are just a few of the problems that MPS can help solve. If your school is struggling with any of these issues, then MPS may be the right solution for you. Contact Complete Document Solutions to learn more about how we can help improve your school’s printing infrastructure.

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