8 Effective ways to reduce print costs for your business

8 Effective ways to reduce print costs for your business

When trying to save money, businesses often overlook print costs. While it may seem negligible, the cost of printing can quickly add up, especially if you print a lot of documents. Luckily, there are easy ways to reduce your print costs. Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Print only what is necessary

Before hitting the Print button, ask yourself whether or not a physical copy of your document is absolutely necessary. If not, use a digital copy instead. By printing only what is needed, you reduce paper, ink, and electricity consumption. This also helps you reduce your carbon footprint, or the amount of greenhouse gases (e.g., carbon dioxide, methane) consumed to power printers or manufacture paper and other printing supplies.

2. Use the duplex printing function

The average employee prints 10,000 sheets of paper annually. This means that an office of 30 workers will consume 300,000 sheets of paper a year. But by using duplex printing, or printing on both sides of the paper, you cut the number of pages your employees print in half. This reduces your paper costs by 30–50%.

By printing on both sides of the paper, you cut the number of pages your employees print in half. This also reduces your paper costs by 30-50%.

3. Use economical font styles when printing

According to a study, Century Gothic, Times New Roman, and Ecofont are the most economical font styles you can use. The study projected that on a dollar basis, the average person printing around 25 pages per week could save $20 a year by using Century Gothic. Meanwhile, a business that prints 250 pages per week could save around $80 in a year.

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4. Print in grayscale

Many office printouts don’t need to be in color, so print in grayscale unless otherwise necessary. The ink used in grayscale printing is cheaper than colored ink, so you save money in the long run. You can use colored ink for documents such as brochures, newsletters, and executive summaries.

5. Use the draft setting

Another way to save on print costs is to use the “draft” or “economy” setting when printing your documents. This feature prints your document at a lower quality but at a faster speed, thus helping you reduce ink and electricity costs.

6. Optimize your print environment

Having too many easily accessible printers in the office can leave your staff complacent about print costs. Avoid this by strategically distributing printers throughout the office so that employees have to get up and walk before they can print documents. This way, they'll start thinking whether they really need a printout or can use a digital copy instead.

7. Choose the right printer

Another effective way to save on print costs is to purchase a printer that best suits your requirements and budget. For example, if you need to print in color frequently, buy a printer that has low-cost color printing features. Or if you print a lot of documents, buy a printer with a high-yield cartridge.

8. Partner with a managed print services (MPS) provider

If you’re struggling to control your organization’s print costs, consider partnering with a reliable MPS like Complete Document Solutions. We will replace your small, low-use printers with economical, high-use printers that help you save on toner, parts, and maintenance. We can even help you optimize your printing strategies. Talk to us today to learn more.

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