Considering a new MSP for 2022? Here are 6 important qualities to look for

Considering a new MSP for 2022? Here are 6 important qualities to look for

Your business partnered with a managed IT services provider (MSP) to offload IT tasks like network administration, cybersecurity, and IT help desk. However, you find that they’re unable to keep up with your business's requirements and/or deliver the level of service they promised.

If this is the case, you’ll need to look for a new MSP. How do you pick a reliable partner and avoid falling into the same trap as before? Let’s take a look at six traits of a good MSP:

1. Technical expertise

Your new provider must be well-versed in various IT fields such as cloud computing, VoIP solutions, hardware and network design and installation, and data recovery, among others.

They must also know how to customize industry tools for your business instead of relying on out-of-the-box solutions. If your business is in the eCommerce industry, for example, your MSP should be able to properly configure applications such as Microsoft Teams, Shopify, and Mailchimp so that they meet your business's needs. Since employees don't need to configure these apps themselves because the MSP has done so on their behalf, they’ll be more productive.

Finally, your MSP should be knowledgeable about the latest developments in technology. For instance, they should know how to protect your remote employees from cyberattacks, given that remote workers are currently the top target of cybercriminals.

2. Outstanding track record

Choosing a new MSP is like shopping online — you need to read the reviews carefully before hitting the checkout button. See if the MSP you’re screening has a history of happy customers, especially ones from your industry.

Read client testimonials on the MSP’s website and see if you relate to their concerns and experiences. Searching for the MSP online may also bring up unbiased reviews. Learning about their industry partners can also be crucial to your decision.

A reliable MSP does everything they can to prevent issues from disrupting your business instead of reacting only after problems have occurred.

3. Proactiveness

A reliable MSP does everything they can to prevent issues from disrupting your business instead of reacting only after problems have occurred. For instance, they should be able to detect a ransomware attack before your employees lose access to files and applications. And if your IT systems do get infected with ransomware, the MSP should know how to recover your data and systems.

An MSP’s proactiveness not only prevents technical issues from worsening, but it also helps your organization keep systems secure. It also allows you to benefit from the latest technologies and find new opportunities for improvement.

4. Transparency

A good MSP should actively show you what they have done, are doing, and will do to your IT infrastructure. This encourages accountability and openness, and is essential to data security and long-term IT planning. The MSP must also be transparent with their approaches, culture, tools, and processes, as this ensures visibility and collaboration.

5. Flexibility and scalability

An effective MSP makes it their goal to help your business realize its potential and enjoy success. They do this by tailoring their services according to your needs instead of implementing a cookie-cutter approach.

If your business already has an in-house IT staff, for instance, the MSP should be flexible enough to work with your team. Or if you operate on a hybrid work model, the MSP must know how to address the needs of both on- and off-site employees.

Finally, your business should be able to choose the type and level of service you want from your MSP. And as your needs evolve, your MSP must be able to scale up or down and provide you with all the support you require.

6. Availability

Let’s say your business suffers a denial-of-service attack in the middle of the night while your in-house IT teams are out. This means that your customers might experience difficulties accessing your website, resulting in missed sales opportunities and monetary loss.

This is why your new MSP must always be accessible. The best ones provide round-the-clock monitoring and support services via a team of IT specialists who can remotely handle tech-related issues. And if online support tools are not enough, they can also rectify the problem on site.

Complete Document Solutions possesses all of these valuable traits. When you partner with us, We’ll keep your IT environment at peak performance 24/7/365 by providing constant monitoring, proactive maintenance, and fast, effective support. We’ve even partnered with companies like Microsoft, Apple, and HP to provide the best technology solutions for your organization. To learn more about us, download our FREE managed IT services eBook and drop us a line today.

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