8 virtual Christmas party ideas your business can try

8 virtual Christmas party ideas your business can try

The Christmas season is finally here, and it’s time to have some festive fun after another hectic year. Unfortunately, since the COVID-19 pandemic is not over, it’s still not ideal to have large in-person get-togethers.

Instead, you should host a virtual Christmas party this year. While this might mean getting your employees to join yet another Zoom or Teams meeting, you can still make your party fun and exciting with simple activities. Here are some ideas to try:

1. Organize a Secret Santa

Secret Santa isn’t just for in-office Christmas parties. Gather the names of all participants and enter them on tools like Elfster or My Wishlist. These services will pair up people and email necessary details to the gifters. Alternatively, you can use Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

Then, create an online wish list where each participant can write down what they want. On the day of your virtual Christmas party, giftees can show off what they received and guess who their Secret Santa is.

2. Host a Christmas trivia quiz

Christmas trivia quizzes bring out the laughs and your employees’ competitive side. You can create your quiz on Microsoft PowerPoint or use platforms like Kahoot! and Quizizz.

Next, assign your remote employees to small teams. Test each team’s holiday knowledge by answering trivia questions about holiday songs, movies, traditions, and history, among other things. Give the team with the most points a prize.

3. Host an online talent show

A virtual talent show can be the perfect place to showcase skills your employees usually don’t get to demonstrate at work. Have participants sing, dance, do magic tricks, play an instrument, or perform stand-up comedy. Make the audience vote on their favorite act and give the winner a prize.

4. Have a virtual team lunch

It’s a good idea to have your employees have a good Christmas meal together. Give your staff an allowance to buy a meal from a restaurant that offers carryout or delivery. Then, have your team watch a Christmas movie together or talk about anything under the sun through a video call while eating their food.

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5. Have a gingerbread house-making competition

Send participants a gingerbread house-making kit and have them decorate their gingerbread houses live during a video call. Encourage some competition by having the audience vote on the best decorations and giving the winner a prize.

6. Make gourmet hot chocolate

Since drinking hot chocolate is a Christmas tradition, why not make it a part of your virtual Christmas party? Invite a culinary instructor or chef to teach your employees different hot chocolate recipes. What's great about this is your staff won't need to have any cooking skills or experience to participate.

7. Have a virtual Christmas photo booth

A virtual photo booth is a creative and fun way for your employees to take a team photo even if they are not physically together. To start, have team members take a picture of themselves. Next, use a virtual photo booth service like Snapbar or Pixilated to combine the images into one. You can even add custom Christmas-themed backgrounds to make the image look more festive.

8. Give a holiday gift bag

Christmas may be about spending time with family and friends, but giving presents is just as essential. By sending your remote employees a bag of holiday goodies, you add more excitement to your virtual Christmas party and show that you appreciate your staff. You can give things like cozy blankets and socks, snacks, Christmas-themed ornaments, office accessories, and personal care products.

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