What are the benefits of practicing gratitude in the workplace?

What are the benefits of practicing gratitude in the workplace?

When people think about adopting a healthy lifestyle, they usually think about eating balanced meals and exercising regularly. They're often surprised to find out that it also includes cultivating a positive mental attitude. One way to do this is to foster a culture of gratitude in the workplace.

What is gratitude, and why is it important to practice it in the workplace?

Gratitude is the feeling of being thankful and the willingness to reciprocate and show appreciation for another person’s kindness. Practicing it in the workplace has a number of benefits, such as:

1. Improved employee performance

Expressing sincere gratitude to your employees is one of the most effective ways to boost their productivity.

In one workplace study, two University of Pennsylvania psychology professors observed two groups of university fundraisers. One group only made phone calls to solicit donations, while the other also received a pep talk from the director, who thanked them for their efforts as well. The study found that the group that received thanks made 50% more fundraising calls than those who didn’t.

Expressing sincere gratitude to your employees is one of the most effective ways to boost their productivity.

2. Better work relationships

Employees have better working relationships with their employers when they feel valued and appreciated. For instance, one worker may show appreciation for the help they got from a colleague by returning the favor. They can also learn to value their colleague’s opinions more.

What’s more, people tend to feel closer to those they feel gratitude toward, such as those who have helped them in the past or have shown them gratitude as well.

3. Lowered stress and better overall health

A habit of gratitude correlates with lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol, according to a study by psychologists at the University of California, Davis. The study also found that having a sense of gratitude helps reduce negative emotions such as depression, regret, resentment, and envy.

What’s more, research has found that expressing and feeling gratitude enhances well-being by:

  • Promoting better sleep
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Increasing energy
  • Improving one’s mood

How do you foster a culture of gratitude in the workplace?

Here are some simple ideas you can try to instill gratitude in your employees:

1. Find ways to celebrate success

Hold monthly or quarterly employee recognition days, or set aside a few minutes before team meetings to thank the team for logging improvements and meeting goals. You don't even have to prepare a long speech — just say something short and sincere, like “Huge thanks to the team for not only doing an amazing job with the latest client request, but also finishing ahead of time.”

2. Share customer praises

If you receive positive comments from your customers, compile them and send them out regularly to everyone in the organization. If your employees hear positive feedback from your clients, they will feel more motivated and engaged with their work.

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3. Encourage peer recognition

Peer recognition is important, as it boosts your employees’ confidence and self-esteem and creates a sense of belonging.

One way to help your employees practice peer recognition is by providing them with thank-you cards and encouraging them to write appreciation messages to each other. You can either provide physical cards or use virtual card services, depending on your company’s work setup.

You can also use platforms like Small Improvements to encourage your employees to show their appreciation for one another.

Make sure to weave peer recognition into your company culture. Before you know it, you and your team members will be practicing it on a regular basis.

4. Encourage mindfulness

Mindfulness is closely linked to gratitude. If your employees are mindful, they become more aware of their surroundings and more appreciative of the little things in life. Encourage your workers to take a short walk, do guided breathing exercises, and eat mindfully, among other activities.

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