Workflow solutions: What they are and why your business needs them

Workflow solutions: What they are and why your business needs them

Have you or your employees ever been overwhelmed at work? Did you ever feel there was never enough time to complete all your tasks? Were there times when things piled up in your inbox, desk, and to-do list? Are you constantly doing repetitive tasks day in and day out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, there could be something wrong with your company's workflows.

Issues with workflows can result in too much back-and-forth between different teams, redundant tasks, and project delays. But how can you enhance your company's workflows without compromising the quality of your output? Workflow solutions is the answer.

What are workflow solutions?
Workflow solutions are software developed to improve and optimize your organization's processes. They define and manage your company's processes and allow managers to keep track of your employees' tasks and progress. To illustrate, consider the following process for onboarding a new employee:

  1. Human resources (HR) prepares and sends the onboarding documents to the new employee.
  2. IT creates accounts for the new employee.
  3. A manager assigns a supervisor to the new employee.
  4. The supervisor makes a list of responsibilities and expectations.
  5. The supervisor schedules meetings with the new employee to check if they're adjusting well to the company.

For this process to be effective, everyone involved must clearly communicate responsibilities, tasks, and task dependencies. If HR fails to notify the IT department that they need to provide network access to the new employee, it will result in employee downtime and delays in the onboarding process. A workflow solution automates the onboarding process to ensure such problems don't occur.

Benefits of using workflow solutions
Here are the benefits that workflow solutions can provide your business:

1. Eliminates redundant tasks
Workflow solutions help you identify redundant tasks that take up too much of your employees' time and hinder productivity. For example, incorporating all your data entry into a workflow solution reduces the instances that information needs to be reentered. As a result, tasks are completed faster and more efficiently. Workflow solutions also give you a clearer understanding of which specific processes need to be changed or removed.

2. Minimizes errors
Using workflow solutions is a great way to reduce the chances of human error because you only need to input data once. If errors occur, you can easily locate the cause and make slight adjustments to fix those issues and prevent them from happening again.

3. Improves productivity
Workflow solutions come with customizable templates that allow you to oversee various corporate activities and projects. These templates can help you eliminate unnecessary paperwork and repetitive documentation tasks, freeing up your employees for more important projects.

4. Enhances transparency and accountability
The tracking features of workflow solutions allow managers to easily assign and monitor the progress of employees and multiple projects. This transparency lets you identify top-performing employees, process barriers, and bottlenecks in your workflow.

5. Offers enhanced search capabilities
Workflow solutions have powerful search capabilities that allow you to find the data you need by searching through a wide variety of criteria using the correct parameters. Some examples include:

  • Projects done by specific teams
  • Customer billing and payment data
  • Supply chain management information
  • Data on a specific job type or client

6. Reduces your carbon footprint
Using workflow solutions to automate your business processes is an ideal way of reducing the amount of paper your company uses. Consuming less paper means a reduced drain on natural resources.

Disorganized and confusing workflow processes can bring the efficiency and productivity of your employees down. If your organization is facing this problem, you should partner with Complete Document Solutions. Our workflow solutions will analyze your company's current workflows, identify bottlenecks, and optimize processes to improve your employees' performance. Call us today to learn more.

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