Productivity questions that will improve your workplace

Productivity questions that will improve your workplace

Did you know that your company's workplace dynamics directly impact employee morale and your bottom line? Your organization may have an amazing company culture, but you'll be surprised to discover that there is still plenty of room for improvement. But before you make changes, identify which areas of your business require the most attention.

To do this, ask yourself these productivity questions.

1. Are we meeting our daily, weekly, and monthly goals?
This question pertains to how well your employees manage the hours of the day completing tasks or working with clients. Do you constantly check on your team to see if they're being productive? Are you using time management tools and other productivity software that allow you to meet your goals on time?

2. Is everyone reaching their full potential?
If you want your business to prosper and grow, you need to tap into your team's full potential. Identify areas where your employees can improve and invest in training materials that will boost their knowledge and skills.

3. Is my team avoiding something?
This may pertain to a specific aspect of your operations that your employees are trying to avoid such as new technology, unclear documenting processes, and conflicting goals. When people are not sure what to do, they tend to procrastinate and avoid certain processes, or some other facet of your business.

4. Is my team focusing on the right metrics?
Your business generates and handles a huge amount of data every day. While it's good to keep tabs on all of them, it's also important to focus on the right metrics. You have to make sure your team is tracking the metrics that are directly relevant to your business goals.

5. Am I putting my team's abilities to good use?
Are you assigning tasks based on each team member’s skills and talents? Make sure you're using your employees' abilities to their best effect. Assigning a task requiring strong technical skills to someone more suited to do marketing tasks is a waste of time and will hurt your company's productivity.

6. Am I working with the right team?
Do your employees understand their individual roles and the company's culture and goals? If not, they won't be able to perform their tasks properly. When hiring people, make sure they're provided with sufficient training and resources so that everyone’s on the same page when it comes to what's expected of them and how they can help achieve your business's objectives.

8. Is there something about our company culture that needs to be changed?
Are your employees often overworked? Do they come up with excuses for not completing their tasks? If this is the case, there could be problems with your company culture. Ask your team if the current organizational culture encourages growth; if not, implement new policies and processes focused on improving company culture and employee productivity.


9. Would I encourage family and friends to work here?
If your answer is yes, then it's safe to say that your company has a positive workplace culture. However, if you're not sure how to answer this question, it's worth finding out why. Maybe there are areas in your business that need improvement before you can promote it. Take this opportunity to get feedback from your team, who can provide you with vital information about how they feel about working at your company.

10. Did a certain project or task add value?
When determining whether a project or task is creating value and are therefore worth doing, you have to factor in the time spent completing that task. Could the time your team spent completing a task have been put to better use? Could they have accomplished more in that same time frame?

13. Is my team happy?
Are your employees happy and content? Do they feel a sense of pride when performing their tasks or working with clients? If not, find out what's bothering them and look for ways to resolve it. When your team is happy, they will perform beyond expectations to help your company reach its goals.

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