How managed print services can help your business

How managed print services can help your business

Printing is a vital function for most businesses. However, there are costs associated with business printing that, if left unmanaged, can add up quickly. These include:

  • Capital costs for all business printers
  • Cost per printed page
  • Parts and supplies
  • Service and maintenance costs
  • Outsourced printed projects

These expenses can account for a big part of your company's budget and might even hurt your revenue in the long run. To minimize your printing expenses, you need to work with a trusted managed print services (MPS) provider like Complete Document Solutions.

What are managed print services?

Managed print services are offered by a provider to manage and optimize your organization's document output. Some of these services include needs assessment, hardware replacement, and providing parts, supplies, and services to operate new and existing equipment. An MPS provider also monitors how your printers, fax machines, copiers, and multifunction printer (MFP) fleet is being utilized.

What are the benefits of working with an MPS provider?

Complete Document Solutions’ managed print services are designed to help your business grow. Here are some of the benefits of working with us.

1. Smart printing needs analysis

If you have an in-house IT team, they can be tasked with analyzing your company's printing needs. But is that the best way to utilize their time? We're highly experienced in analyzing print fleets of all sizes. In addition, our team of experts is familiar with printer fleet consolidation methods and will assist you in deploying and using the right equipment.

2. Reduced need for local printers
Using local printers can be inefficient and costly for your business. Most of the time, local printers are rarely connected to the network and service only a single user. They also require specific cartridges that add to your expenses, resulting in purchasing and inventory challenges. Network printers allow every employee to access the device, regardless of what operating system they’re using, eliminating the need for multiple local printers. In addition, having various types of printers connected to the network will give your users more printing options.

3. Optimized printer placement
Poorly placed printers result in unnecessary tasks, like employees having to walk to another part of the office to pick up their printed documents. Not only is this a waste of time, but it also decreases your workers' productivity. We will place your printers in accessible areas to maximize their usage and improve your company's workflow.

4. Replacement of inefficient devices
We will help you identify underperforming machines and replace them with more efficient ones. With our knowledge of various printing devices, we will provide you with options that best fit your budget.

5. Automated supply delivery
Working with us eliminates the need for your company to order printer cartridges and other printing supplies. We will monitor your machines and identify the ones that need new cartridges and automate the delivery process of supplies to ensure your employees don't have to worry about it, and so they can focus on their tasks.

6. Predicted expenses
We can consolidate your printing costs and keep your monthly expenses at a manageable level. In addition, we’ll make sure that there will be no more surprise maintenance or unpredicted printing costs.

7. Employee training
Printing issues such as paper jams, empty cartridges, and getting disconnected from the network can throw a wrench into your employees' productivity. They can spend minutes and even hours trying to fix printing problems rather than focusing on their tasks. Part of our managed printing services includes training employees on how to identify and resolve common printing problems.

8. Remote printing management
Remote or mobile printing allows your employees to print from off-site locations using their mobile devices. This can improve employee productivity and result in cost savings, as they no longer have to go to the office to print documents. If your organization is using a remote printing environment, we can establish, maintain, and offer troubleshooting services.

Many businesses don't have efficient cost controls in place for their printing needs, which often leads to wasted time and money. Our managed printing solutions will reduce your company's overall printing expenses while improving its print environment. If you want to learn more about our managed printing services, give us a call today.

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