Improve employee morale with IT

Improve employee morale with IT

Having high morale in the workplace is key to business success. When employees feel happy and appreciated, there is better productivity, improved work attendance and timeliness, less staff turnover, and increased customer loyalty.

To boost employee morale, some companies go so far as to leverage IT. Here’s why...

#1. Allows ease of communication

An Accountemps survey cites lack of open, honest communication as the main source of low employee morale. One way to remedy this is to provide internal communication tools, such as an intranet or portal, that allow staff to get inside information from upper management and human resources. You could also use online feedback systems where employees can easily voice their concerns and provide suggestions.

#2. Fosters effective team collaboration

Having a sense of community is common with companies with high employee morale, and one way to cultivate this feeling of belonging is to encourage staff to work together.

IT collaboration tools such as Google Docs make it easy for employees to share up-to-date files, work on the same ones at the same time, and exchange feedback in real time. And by using group chat apps like Slack, staff can ask questions and receive answers instantly, eliminating frustrating back-and-forth email chains.

#3. Enables work flexibility

A PGI Telework Week survey shows that 80% of workers who telecommute have higher morale. This means offering remote work days can be a great way to boost morale.

Technology makes this work arrangement possible since cloud-based storage solutions such as Dropbox and Google Drive allow employees to easily access their work files from home or wherever they may be.

#4. Ensures workload balance

Dumping too much work on just a few people may force them to work overtime, which may result in burnout. To properly distribute work, project management tools like Asana and Basecamp let you assign tasks to other members, add teammates to tasks, and monitor work progress.

#5. Provides more time for more engaging tasks

Employees are often burdened by a lot of boring, repetitive, and manual tasks that consume much of their time. Automation can take over these tasks so that staff can focus on more strategic and rewarding endeavors that have a greater impact on business success.

#6. Offers cost-effective training opportunities

According to Forbes, continuous learning is one of the fastest paths to employee engagement. You can easily provide training to your staff by enrolling them in Udemy, Coursera, or other online learning platforms that offer a wide array of courses. By opting for eLearning opportunities instead of the traditional face-to-face ones, employees can learn from the comfort of their own home or office and at their most convenient time.

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