5 Smart tips for printing businesses looking to win new clients

5 Smart tips for printing businesses looking to win new clients

It sometimes seems that all the focus these days is on running a paperless business and going digital in every possible way. In the current market, many printing businesses are more worried about retaining their existing customer bases, but there are also many opportunities to earn new ones. In fact, despite all the doom and gloom, a survey by FedEx found that 80% of small business owners say that print materials help them edge out the competition.

Though it might seem counterintuitive, the unprecedented and continuing rise of digital media is actually helping the printing industry to grow. With so much moving over to the digital space, consumers are starting to lament the lack of more traditional communications. Printed media offers something that digital media can’t — a more personal and tangible connection, one that can’t be replicated digitally.

If you’re looking to win new clients for your printing business, here are five proven tactics:

#1. Offer a wider range of options

It’s time to turn change into opportunity, and that’s something that can be said of any industry sector. Printing clients have a more diverse range of needs than ever before. Accommodating them can open up new streams of revenue. For example, you can create dazzling images by leveraging color-on-color printing or offer a wider range of paper types and other materials like metal and plastic. Other options include high-impact postcards, promotional door hangers, and eye-catching signage.

#2. Increase focus on short-run jobs

With many printing businesses focusing heavily on big clients and long-run jobs, those looking for smaller print runs often end up being left with a limited range of options. Most print shops receive a lot of requests for smaller jobs that they don’t provide competitive pricing for and may even refuse to take on altogether. Yet as many businesses become more reliant on their digital marketing and branding strategies, they’re more likely to be interested in short-run jobs. Printers can also use less costly equipment for managing smaller print runs.

#3. Build up your network

Marketing a printing business is a lot like it is in any other industry. Digital marketing is a hugely powerful option, simply because it’s affordable, and it can accommodate a wide range of needs and preferences. A great way to identify leads is to build up a network by connecting with local businesses on LinkedIn and other social networks. However, there’s no need to restrict yourself only to potential clients; connect with the individuals they might know as well The bigger your network, the greater your visibility.

#4. Sponsor local business events

Most printing houses primarily serve local businesses, which are inherently reliant on the real-world communities around them. The physical nature of printed media also means there’s no better way to showcase your capabilities than by doing so via a stand at a real-world event. Better yet, sponsoring a local business event can help raise awareness and boost reputation by giving something back to the community. These events can also be tied in with social media marketing and other digital areas.

#5. Take advantage of direct mail

Self-proclaimed experts have been claiming that even email is dead, and that physical mail is something so arcane that it offers no value at all anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth, especially in the case of local businesses. Direct mail offers an excellent way to present your work to prospective and existing clients and keep them aware of your existence. You can also offer direct mailing services yourself, to help your customers grow their businesses with eye-catching printed imagery. That’s one thing digital solutions can’t replace.

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