Our top cybersecurity predictions for 2020

Legitimate organizations aren’t the only ones investing in technological innovation. Cybercrime also continues to evolve as new vulnerabilities are uncovered and data becomes evermore valuable.

Fortunately, exploring the trends of the last couple of years allows us to make educated predictions about the threats of tomorrow.

5 Tips for building a backup and recovery plan that works

Virtually every modern business depends on its data and technology infrastructure, meaning a backup and disaster recovery plan is no longer something that’s just nice to have — it’s critical for ensuring business continuity. While no one likes to dwell on the likelihood and potential impact of a disaster occurring, having a backup strategy will give you peace of mind, and here’s how you build one.

7 Best practices for patch management

By now, most computer users are at least vaguely familiar with the need to keep their software up to date. But hitting the “remind me later” button when a software update notification pops up is still a common practice. The problem with this is that it only takes one unpatched software to expose your business to a major cyberattack.

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