3 Undeniable benefits of managed print services

3 Undeniable benefits of managed print services

Office workers print thousands of pages of documents every year, with costs often reaching hundreds of dollars per employee. When you have a large workforce, those costs quickly end up being a major expense, with the average company spending 1% to 3% of their annual revenue on printing. Despite facing growing pressure to reduce costs, boost employee productivity, and do their bit to save the environment, businesses across many sectors spend far more than they need to on printing and managing paper documents.

Fortunately, with better oversight and optimization, printing is one area where businesses now have plenty of opportunities to enhance efficiency. Managed print services can be tailored towards larger organizations that suffer significant printing costs. By providing better visibility and control into your printing operations, it’s possible to reduce associated expenses by up to 30% while also improving productivity and helping the environment. Here are three ways managed print services make it all possible:

#1. Boost productivity

When you have hundreds or even thousands of printers in use across your organization, it’s much harder to streamline productivity and retain visibility into operations and costs. Printers, particularly cheaper ones that can only handle limited workloads, are notorious for breaking down. But even if they’re working perfectly, they need regular refills and maintenance in the form of printhead cleaning and firmware updates.

If employees are spending a sizable chunk of their time solving and maintaining printer-related issues, the resulting productivity loss can be expensive. What’s more, printer downtime can slow down business processes that rely heavily on printing and mailing documents. Even if your employees can use another printer, they may need to install new drivers, go to another office, or try to fix trivial problems themselves.

Managed print services provide proactive maintenance and automatic restocking of supplies to reduce or even eliminate these costly disruptions.

#2. Reduce costs

Office supplies like paper, ink, and toner aren’t the only costs associated with printing. Other costs are wholly unpredictable, such as printer repairs and replacements, not to mention the downtime associated with dysfunctional printers. There are also many indirect costs largely associated with productivity and efficiency losses. For example, it takes much longer to physically search through printed records than it does with digital ones.

It doesn’t help that many printer manufacturers deploy a variety of dubious methods to get users to spend more. For example, many consumer-grade and low-end office printers are very cheap, but also very costly to run. Sometimes, it can even cost more to replace ink cartridges or toner than to buy a new printer.

Managed print services help reduce costs by eliminating the need for small, low-use printers in favor of more economical, high-use printers that consume less resources and require less upkeep.

#3. Enable growth

Every modern business depends heavily on technology to maintain its competitive edge, but poor technology choices can also hold them back. For businesses that are still reliant on printed documents, outdated printers can stifle growth by getting in the way of customer relations and hindering back-office routines. Without a way to maintain complete visibility into your portfolio of printers, it’s impossible to become scalable.

For paper-heavy organizations, particularly those in the legal or financial sectors, it’s important to strategically position your workgroup printers and multifunction systems throughout the office to boost efficiency and cut costs. When printing is critical to your business, you need to adopt a scalable approach that gives you complete transparency into your printing budget while also helping you plan ahead for future requirements.

Managed print services offer a scalable solution that lets you strategically create a printing infrastructure that can more easily scale with demand.

Complete Document Solutions (CDS) provides managed print solutions and other IT services to help you innovate faster and reduce organizational risks. Call us today to learn more.

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